(Download pdf) As Precious as Blood: The Western Slope in Colorado’s Water Wars, 1900-1970

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As Precious as Blood: The Western Slope in Colorado’s Water Wars, 1900-1970

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Author : Steven C. Schulte
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Description : The diversion of water from Coloradorsquo;s Western Slope to meet the needs of the rest of the state has been a contentious issue throughout Coloradorsquo;s history. The source of Coloradorsquo;s water is in the snow that accumulates west of the Continental Divide, but the ever-growing population on the Front Range continues to require more municipal water. Innbsp;As Precious as Blood, Steven C. Schulte examines the water wars between these two regions and how the western part of the state fits into Coloradorsquo;s overall water story, expanding the account of water politics he began innbsp;Wayne Aspinall and the Shaping of the American West.Slow to build its necessary water infrastructure and suffering from a small population, little political power, and distance from sources of capital, the Western Slope of Colorado has struggled to maintain its water supply in the face of challenges from Coloradorsquo;s Eastern Slope and even different states. Schulte explains in detail the reasons, rationalizations, and resources involved in the multimillion-dollar dams and reclamation projects that divert much-needed water to the Front Range and elsewhere. He draws from archives, newspapers, and oral histories to show the interrelationships among twentieth-century Colorado water law, legislators from across the state, and powerful members of congress from the Western Slope, who have influenced water policy throughout the American West.As Precious as Bloodnbsp;provides context for one of the most contentious legal, political, and economic periods in the statersquo;s history. Schulte puts a human face on Coloradorsquo;s water wars by exploring their social and political dimensions alongside the technical and scientific perspectives.

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