[Free] A City of One’s Own: Blurring the Boundaries Between Private and Public

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A City of One’s Own: Blurring the Boundaries Between Private and Public

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Author : Sophie Body-Gendrot, Jacques Carreacute;
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Description : This book highlights the citizens’ continuous participation in a wide range of urban affairs, especially outside institutional frameworks. It brings together an interdisciplinary team of French, British and American academics who examine the long and rich history of participation or partnership in British and American urban life (with additional reference to France), showing that both private interests and community groups have long been involved in local policies. Utilizing the concept of governance as the main theoretical framework, the book explores how Western governments and local authorities have negotiated the difficult task of defining the borders between the territories of private and public actors and also in defining the boundaries of state intervention and public interest. Focusing on the blurring of these boundaries, this book presents a re-examination of how cities were developed, both past and present.

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