[FREE] Advancing Organizational Theory in a Complex World: Advancing Research in a Complex World (Routledge Studies in Management, Organizations and Society)

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Advancing Organizational Theory in a Complex World: Advancing Research in a Complex World (Routledge Studies in Management, Organizations and Society)

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Description : While research in organisational studies has become increasingly rich and complex, organisation researchers are constantly challenged by the growing quest for theoretical advancement and innovation. To conduct theoretically rigorous and innovative research, contemporary researchers and students must develop in-depth understanding of the theoretical traditions and future prospects of their discipline. Thisnbsp;book provides a collection of cutting-edge research topics in the field of organisation and management and offers advanced research findings that explore the frontiers of the field. Advancing Organisational Theory in a Complex World aims to provide deep insights into many influential organisational theories, including, contingency theory, institutional theory, stewardship theory, population ecology theory, ambidexterity, and complexity theory. All these theories have been developed to explain the external and internal factors that influence organisational survival and evolvement. We focus on these theories because they represent some of the most important ways into the modern literature, counter-points to the modern literature, and a breath of fresh air to some theories which should be better known. This book shows the fruitfulness and the continuous vitality of the theoretical field of organisational studies in a critical and innovative way. Finally, this book is dedicated to Professor Lex Donaldson who is a thought leader in the field. The field owed this to Lex, for his lifelong dedication to organisational studies and for his creation and advancement of theories that have inspired several generations of researchers.

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