(Read free ebook) Arctic Silver A Little Spam Will Do YA: A case study on astroturfing,spam,fake on line reviews in the gaming PC after market

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Arctic Silver A Little Spam Will Do YA: A case study on astroturfing,spam,fake on line reviews in the gaming PC after market

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Author : Ed Bernaise
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Description : This is a compilation of articles as published on the Edstech reports blog and CNNireportnbsp;In the Spirit of Academia we picked a product called Arctic Silver 5 whom is one of the most egregious Astroturfers as they have used just about every single Black Hat technique known to the world of SEO to buck the system.The book here is a compilation of articles published in CNN online and the eds tech report blogs and is a case study of internet web spam and astroturfingIt is in this spirit of investigation and academia that we purposely focused on a single product and manufacturer in order to fully reveal and expose the full depth and breadth of this ubiquitous yet clandestine modern phenomena called Astroturfing and Spam and are delineated in the contents of this book nbsp;nbsp;This work has been created to be a manual to educate the novice SEO or the consumer in regard to the endemic practice of Astroturfing, Backlinking , the various types of Spam and how they all connect to each other This work came to being as a direct result stemming from an 18 month long research investigation into the dark side of online marketing and propaganda known as Astroturf, Spam and Black Hat SEO and published online in the Edrsquo;s Tech Report and Edrsquo;s Tech Rebort2 blogsnbsp;Biased tested Internet searches were conducted between the dates of approximately May 1, 2015 and June 1, 2016 and the results were observed and documented with screenshots of results in this time frame.

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