[Download pdf ebook] Gen Z Effect: The Six Forces Shaping the Future of Business

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Gen Z Effect: The Six Forces Shaping the Future of Business

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Author : Tom Koulopoulos, Dan Keldsen
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Description : One of the most profound changes in business and society is the emergence of the post-Millennial generation, Gen Z.nbsp; While every new generation has faced its share of disruption in technology, economics, politics and society, no other generation in the history of mankind has had the ability to connect every human being on the planet to each other and in the process to provide the opportunity for each person to be fully educated, socially and economically engaged.nbsp; What might this mean for business, markets, and educational institutions in the future? In this revolutionary new book, The Gen Z Effect: The Six Forces Shaping the Future of Business, authors Tom Koulopoulos and Dan Keldsen delve into a vision of the future where disruptive invention and reinvention is the acknowledged norm, touching almost every aspect of how we work, live and play. From radical new approaches to marketing and manufacturing to the potential obliteration of intellectual property and the shift to mass innovation, to the decimation of our oldest learning institutions through open source and adaptive learning, The Gen Z Effect provides a mind-bending view of why we will need to embrace Gen Z as the last, best hope for taking on the world’s biggest challenges and opportunities, and how you can prepare yourself and your business for the greatest era of disruption, prosperity, and progress the world has ever experienced.

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