(Free pdf) Is Your Child A Money Master Or A Money Monster?: Seven Habits of Highly Motivated Kids for Financial Success

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Is Your Child A Money Master Or A Money Monster?: Seven Habits of Highly Motivated Kids for Financial Success

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Author : Sunny Lee
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Description : DO YOU WANT YOUR CHILD TO BE Anbsp;MONEY MASTERnbsp;OR Anbsp;MONEY MONSTERTM?Sunny knows the power of rewards, and shows parents how to use that power to encourage their children to thrive.When her twin sons, Jason and Matthew, were born, Sunny developed a successfully proven system that taught them where money comes from, how to save it and earn interest, what hidden costs are involved in purchases, and how saving a little bit every day helps us to reach our goals. And it worked!This book will show you the creative system Sunny used with her boys. And if you, too, are a child at heart, Sunnyrsquo;s system may help you strive a little harder to improve! Plus, she shows you some pretty fun games!A war is being waged against this new generation. So many wrong messages about money and success are influencing our childrenrsquo;s young minds. If you donrsquo;t teach your children about these topics, someone else will…and you may not like the outcome. Money Masters and Money MonstersTMnbsp;are created through what theyrsquo;re taught.Which one do you want your children to be?

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