[Library ebook] London’s Turning: The Making of Thames Gateway: 0 (Design and the Built Environment)

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London’s Turning: The Making of Thames Gateway: 0 (Design and the Built Environment)

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Author : Michael J. Rustin
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Description : The Thames Gateway plan is the largest and most complex project of urban regeneration ever undertaken in the United Kingdom. This book provides a comprehensive overview and critique of the Thames Gateway plan, but at the same time it uses the plan as a lens through which to look at a series of important questions of social theory, urban policy and governmental practice. It examines the impact of urban planning and demographic change on East London’s material and social environment, including new forms of ethnic gentrification, the development of the eastern hinterlands, shifting patterns of migration between city and country, the role of new policies in regulating housing provision and the attempt to create new cultural hubs downriver. It also looks at issues of governance and accountability, the tension between public and private interests, and the immediate and longer term prospects for the Thames Gateway project both in relation to the ‘Olympics effect’ and the growth of new forms of regionalism.

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