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Strategically Suited: Your Secret Edge to Grow Sales and Get New Clients

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Author : Lee Heyward
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Description : Do you have a thriving business, but have a sneaking suspicion you may be missing out on potential opportunities? The way people present themselves is a secret sales weapon. It gives them an edge within their industry. And all they have to do to activate that edge is change their clothes. Strategically Suited helps readers discover how to grow their business. Theyrsquo;re also going to look and feel better. More importantly, theyrsquo;ll be able to apply what theyrsquo;ve learned to make more money, so that they can make a bigger impact on the world, spend more time with the people they love, and be able to do what theyrsquo;ve been put on this earth to do. You may be successful and have listened when people talked about dressing for success, but you may wonder how you can take your business to the next level, increase sales, get new clients, and land any opportunity that comes your way – Strategically Suited has those answers. A longtime image and sales strategist, Lee Heyward knows that when you up-level your look, yoursquo;ll feel great, have more fun, and close more business. Open up and get started!

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