(Pdf free) Sport Analytics: A data-driven approach to sport business and management

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Sport Analytics: A data-driven approach to sport business and management

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Description : The increasing availability of data has transformed the way sports are played, promoted and managed. This is the first textbook to explain how the big data revolution is having a profound influence across the sport industry, demonstrating how sport managers and business professionals can use analytical techniques to improve their professional practice. While other sports analytics books have focused on player performance data, this book shows how analytics can be applied to every functional area of sport business, from marketing and event management to finance and legal services. Drawing on research that spans the entire sport industry, it explains how data is influencing the most important decisions, from ticket sales and human resources to risk management and facility operations. Each chapter contains real world examples, industry profiles and extended case studies which are complimented by a companion website full of useful learning resources.Sport Analytics: A data-driven approach to sport business and management is an essential text for all sport management students and an invaluable reference for any sport management professional involved in operational research.

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