(Mobile book) SURVEY QUESTIONNAIRE DESIGN: Collecting Primary Data to Answer Research Questions (55)

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SURVEY QUESTIONNAIRE DESIGN: Collecting Primary Data to Answer Research Questions (55)

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Author : Jane Bourke, Ann Kirby, Justin Doran
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Description : SURVEY QUESTIONNAIRE DESIGN: Collecting Primary Data to Answer Research Questions presents practice-oriented guidance on survey and questionnaire design, as well as exercises and video presentations, to assist you in your research. It is based on lecture notes and hand-outs used by the authors in the various classes they have taught over the past number of years. Within the research process, you may wish to collect primary data using a survey. Surveys have a number of different steps that need to be addressed. Designing surveys requires you to: Set objectives for information collection; Design your research around those objectives; Prepare a reliable survey instrument; Manage and code the instrument; Analyse data; Report results. Sections 1 and 2 of this ebook are devoted primarily to the construction of the research question and its importance in influencing the design of the survey. Sections 3, 4, 5 and 6 concentrate on the development of the questionnaire or survey instrument. Section 7 ensures that the survey instrument is valid and reliable. Finally, Section 8 considers the layout of your survey questionnaire.

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