[Download free ebook] Man vs Money: Understanding the curious economics that power our world

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Man vs Money: Understanding the curious economics that power our world

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Author : Stewart Cowley
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Description : Where is all the money?nbsp; How does a country go bust?nbsp; Should I get paid in Bitcoin? nbsp; Wherever you go, whatever you do, however you live your life, money plays a role. nbsp; Getting it, keeping it and making more out of it has been one of manrsquo;s major preoccupations for the past five thousand years. From buying a sandwich to earning a wage, going on holiday to playing the lottery, how money and economics governs our world is fascinating. And itrsquo;s just about to get more curious; the arrival of modern banking, crowd funding, investments at the touch of a smartphone and virtual currencies means, for many of us, it is even more complex. nbsp; Stewart Cowley distils these complexities in this essential guide to modern-day money and our relationship with it. Along the way we discover how the statistics that govern our world are based on guesswork, why stock markets are like a wandering drunken man, what you need to live like a millionaire and why cooking has made man the dominant species on the planet. nbsp;Man vs Money shows you how understanding a little more economics can improve your life. nbsp;

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