(Free download) Realising the Demographic Dividend: Policies to Achieve Inclusive Growth in India

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Realising the Demographic Dividend: Policies to Achieve Inclusive Growth in India

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Author : Santosh Mehrotra
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Description : This book discusses policies to achieve inclusive growth in India and realise the demographic dividend, which will end by 2040 when India will become an aging society. India is the world’s fastest growing large economy, but jobs are not growing equally rapidly. The size of India’s youth workforce is worrying, and the largely informal workforce is not covered by social insurance. Universal elementary education, despite the Right to Education Act 2009, is yet to be achieved. Health outcomes have improved only slowly over the years. Furthermore, sanitation still remains a very serious problem. As an economist and former policy-maker, the author discusses specific policies to address these problems, well beyond what is currently being practised. The book also deals with the governance issues that need to be addressed before inclusive growth can be attained.

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