[FREE] Five Inch Heels: When Women Step Into Power and Success

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Five Inch Heels: When Women Step Into Power and Success

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Author : Belynda Lee
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Description : An unexpected pregnancy, divorce, and single motherhood left Belynda Lee, a young immigrant woman, feeling as if her life had turned from grey to black. Forced to grow up too quickly, she found herself in a situation that she didnrsquo;t know how to handle. On the verge of giving up, Belyndarsquo;s will to live is reignited by three simple words: ldquo;I Love You.rdquo; In a single moment, she decides to live, never settle, and take control of her life.A story of trial, tribulation, and success, Five-Inch Heels will leave you inspired, entertained, and in tears.nbsp;Whether you are a single parent, mother, wife, young professional, or entrepreneur, you will discover how to tap into the motivation to move forward and unleash your own inner power to conquer hard times.

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