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Qualitative Methods in Economics (Routledge Frontiers of Political Economy)

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Author : Mirjana Radovi?-Markovi?, Beatrice Avolio Alecchi
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Description : Despite numerous books on research methodology, many have failed to present a complete, hands-on, practical book to lead college classes or individuals through the research process. We are seeing more and more scientific papers from all research fields that fail to meet the basic criteria in terms of research methods, as well as the structure, writing style and presentation of results. This book aims to address this gap in the market by providing an authoritative, easy to follow guide to research methods and how to apply them. Qualitative Methods in Economics is focused not only on the research methods/techniques but also the methodology. The main objective of this book is to discuss qualitative methods and their use in economics and social science research. Chapters identify several of the research approaches commonly used in social studies, from the importance of the role of science through to the techniques of data collection. Using an example research paper to examine the methods used to present the research, the second half of this book breaks down how to present and format your results successfully. This book will be of use to students and researchers who want to improve their research methods and read up on the new and cutting edge advances in research methods, as well as those who like to study ways to improve the research process.

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