(Free read ebook) Resilient Organizations: Responsible Leadership in Times of Uncertainty

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Resilient Organizations: Responsible Leadership in Times of Uncertainty

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Author : Guia Beatrice Pirotti, Markus Venzin
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Description : Recent financial crises have shown that firms need to create more robust business models. However, it seems that the task of developing resilience – a firm’s ability to adapt, endure, bounce back and then thrive, despite the shock – appears on most managers’ strategic issue list only after such a shock has occurred. Managers, through responsible leadership, can make explicit choices that will enhance their firm’s resilience, increasing their chances of anticipating and avoiding these shocks. This book is the result of a three-year research project across seven industries, and is aimed at improving the understanding of why some firms are better than others in dealing with market turbulence. Pirotti and Venzin develop a measure for organizational resilience, identifying resilience drivers and demonstrating how firms can appropriate value from high resilience levels. It is a valuable read for graduates taking a course in strategy and global management and for reflective practitioners.

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